This website is being built up day-by-day to commemorate the momentous pop/rock music world of 1966.

I will be including most of the big hits and covering most genres. I will also include good album tracks and songs that undeservedly didn't chart very highly. My preferences are for folk-rock, psychedelia, soul, mod and freakbeat, but in the interests of presenting a fuller picture of the music of 1966 I will occasionally include 'adult contemporary' songs that weren't bought by anyone under the age of 50 but sometimes dominated the charts. However, I will use my discretion to ignore certain hit songs that I feel to be mediocre,

Most videos here are linked from YouTube. Where possible, I have tried to select video clips that show the artists in performance in 1966, to better convey the feel of the times. Of course, videos are occasionally removed from YouTube so please do notify me if any links here no longer work, and I can set about fixing the problem.

I have also tried to ensure that the information is correct. If you notice any mistakes, feel free to let me know.

Me? For what it's worth, I’m a professional historian based in Brisbane, Australia, and was born in Heywood, Lancashire. I don’t remember a thing about 1966 as I was born in July of that year, but I was raised on the music and imagery of that era. My taste in music is very broad but I have an affinity with mid-'60s music and enjoy exploring the Internet and record stores to discover under-appreciated gems from that time.