I'll Keep Holding On (The Action)

26 FEBRUARY 1966

English mod-soul band The Action released their single 'I'll Keep Holding On' in February 1966. Written by the Motown team of Stevenson-Hunter, this song was originally a decent hit for the Marvelettes in 1965, but the Action's version did not chart. Which is a shame, as this is a professionally-produced and enjoyable dance-floor filler. All the vocals are good (especially lead singer Reggie King), the song is good, the backing track is solid, but it just slipped through the cracks for whatever reason.

The Action never enjoyed mainstream success, but they were a very good mod-soul act and do I quite like some of their heavier freakbeat stuff from the following years.

I'll Keep Holding On (The Action)

'(I'll keep on holdin' on) oh yes I will
(I'll keep on holdin' on)
I know that you're the kind of girl, you've got too much pride
You're scared you love someone, run & hide
Each & every day, & each & every way
My love is growin' stronger
& I know that you can't hold on much longer
When there's no place left to hide
I'll still be by your side
And I'll be (waiting) oh yes, sure 'nough
(Looking for a chance) a chance to make you mine

(I'll keep on holdin' on)
I know you're braggin' to your friends that you can't be caught
Baby, you don't know, so it's time that you were taught
So love, you'd better plan to make your final stand
No matter where you run now
I'll hold on till my will to resist is gone
Till I get you where I want you
There, love, I'm gonna want you
(Waiting) oh yes, sure 'nough
(Looking for a chance) a chance to make you mine
(I'll keep on holdin' on) 
(I'll keep on holdin' on)'