We Can Work it Out (The Beatles)

13 JANUARY 1966

The Beatles’ ‘Day Tripper’/’We Can Work it Out’ double-A side was still at No.1 in the UK. It has been claimed that this was the first ever double-A side record. It was also the band’s 11th #1 hit in under two years!

‘We Can Work It Out’ was their most ‘mature’ single release to date, and was in keeping with the general tone of their recent ‘Rubber Soul’ album. It probably wouldn't have made #1 without being packaged with 'Day Tripper'. 

As he later recalled, McCartney wrote the words and music to the verses and the chorus, and then took the song to Lennon:
‘I took it to John to finish it off, and we wrote the middle together. Which is nice: 'Life is very short. There's no time for fussing and fighting, my friend.' Then it was George Harrison's idea to put the middle into 3/4 time, like a German waltz.’
A-side: 'Day Tripper'
Recorded: 16 October 1965, EMI Studios, London
Released: 3 December 1965 (UK), 6 December 1965 (US)
Highest chart position: #1 (UK), #5 (US)
Length: 2:50
Label: Parlophone (UK), Capitol (US)
Writers: Lennon-McCartney
Producer: George Martin

We Can Work it Out (The Beatles)