Can't Help Thinking About Me (David Bowie and the Lower Third)

18 JANUARY 1966

An 18-year-old singer named David Bowie and his band The Lower Third released their single ‘Can’t Help Thinking About Me’ on 14 January 1966. The mod-freakbeat band split up a few weeks later, and the single failed to chart.

This was actually Bowie's fourth single release since his failed debut in 1964. He kept plugging away but was still three years away from his first hit song 'Space Oddity' (which was actually his tenth release), and which he followed up with another seven non-charting singles. So Bowie had just one hit out of his first 17 singles released, which shows some remarkable persistence. His breakthrough to super-stardom with 'Ziggy Stardust' did not happen until 1972.
B-side: 'And I Say to Myself'
Recorded: 10 December 1965, Pye Studios, London
Released: 14 January 1966
Highest chart position: Did not chart
Length: 2:47
Label: Pye Records (UK) / Warner Bros. (US)
Pye 7N 17020 (UK) WB 5815 (US)
Writer: David Bowie
Producer: Tony Hatch

Can’t Help Thinking About Me (David Bowie and the Lower Third)